Celebrity's Nero " Seattle's Finest"
Handsome Blue Brindle Male residing in
the Great Northwest sired by Celebrity's Amore

Celebrity’s Bane di Barstow
This giant is the grandson of The Big Bad Woof Zeus Almighty.
He is a proven stud and an excellent family companion and protector.


Barstow's T'Challa di Celebrity
AKA as the Black Panther, He is the son of Bane I have high hopes for.

Celebrity’s Son Of A Gun
Is the result of combining Celebrity’s Duke II and Sable.
He is a solid well muscled 125 lbs corso that has a great temperament .
" Junior" pedigree boast of many American and International champions such as Scandifio's Armani , Vignola's Simon
Scandifio's Nino II,Reubens and Cerberus Amleto.


Celebrity’s Duke II
is the most well behaved and beloved Corso you'll ever want to meet.
He is the produced by the combination of Mad Max and Eboni.
This 140 lbs fawn male even at 6 years old he still produces large boned and big head puppies.

These are the corso that started my fascination with italian mastiffs.

Gotti was the grandson of Scandifio's Armani .
He wasn't a show winner but he won over
the hearts and admiration of all that met him.
Though he is no longer with us,
Gotti blessed Celebrity Cane Corso with very fond memories .
Many of the corsos on my website are direct offsprings of his.

Don Gotti2

Vintage's Thor came to Celebrity Cane Corso as the import answer to my strong american bloodlines.
Thor is 75% Italian. His mother Chimera was sired by Italian Champion Simon.
His father is Champion reproducer Scandifio's Nino II .
I couldn't have asked for a better dog to take over as head stud in my program when Gotti passed than Almighty Thor.
His straight body athletic physique and square short muzzle not only leave people awestruck ,
but when he is used for stud he unlike so many others blesses his pups with the attributes.

Thor Pedigree 2